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About Us
Solvent Technologies started from very humble beginnings in the mid 1980's, whilst the company at the time did not bear the name Solvent Technologies the founder Theo Selkon began the decanting of large volume solvents into smaller packed sizes namely for the panel beating and industrial segment. These products were retailed through Theo's Paint a company owned by Theo Selkon. The success of Theo's Paint became legendary not only in the distribution of various solvents and thinners but also as a market leader in the distribution of 2k automotive coatings. In 1990 Intercity Paint and Tool was born to which solvents would play even a larger portion to the success of the growing empire. Solvents by this time were being sold in expedientially large amounts with the company boasting an impressive assortment of underground solvent storage tanks. The company had now advanced its technological know how into the blending process of reducers, solvents and thinners. The Sierra brand was launched in the early nineties and continued to grow year on year. The company remained dedicated to quality standards never seen in past history, more surprisingly was the inability of the solvent industry to match pricing. It was decided for various reasons that the company would sell itself to Barlow World during mid 2000. Due to various restraints the family did not partake in business in either coatings or solvents until 2010 in which time Solvent Technologies and Selchem Coatings were born and the success of both companies today speaks for itself.
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